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Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit

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The Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine kit Comes in a 2 Oz kit or a 4Oz kit. The synthetic urine is completely safe and toxin free. It matches all the normal urine features and is non-infectious. It is lab grade and has all the properties of real urine required by all labs. It is not hazardous to the you or the environment. Included is a heating pad to keep the urine at the correct temperture. Our urine is by far the best on the market, since we been selling this product from 2007 to date we have never had a failure


Ultra Pure Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit

For the best large complete fake urine kit on the market today, use the 4oz Ultra Pure kit from Ultra Klean. This is a larger amount of pre-mixed synthetic urine than other kits and the Ultra Pure has been tested and approved by a lab to help you pass your urinalysis drug test. One of the best parts of this is that this urine kit is good for everyone to use! The kit includes Heat Factory heat pads, a silent squeeze plastic bottle, and a simple pour spout cap. There is a 500% manufacturer’s money back guarantee on this product because we are confident that it will work for you. This synthetic urine mimics real human urine and will read like real urine in drug testing. Each urine kit comes to you calibrated to make sure it performs to its highest ability for you. Follow the easy instructions enclosed to make sure you are using the product correctly to ensure desired results. You can store this synthetic urine product at room temperature for up to three years. You do not need to freeze, thaw, or mix this synthetic urine, making it incredibly simple to use. Get the Ultra Pure synthetic urine kit; it has everything you need to successfully beat a drug test!


2-ounce Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine – Fake urine and Urine to pass urine drug tests

  • Unisex- it works for anyone
  • 20+ years of positive results
  • Pre-mixed and ready to shake and use
  • Zero product recalls!
  • Only high quality ingredients like urea and uric acid used
  • Complete kit includes synthetic urine, heating pad, plastic bottle, and rubber band

4-ounce Synthetic Urine

This Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit (4 ounce) is appropriate for those individuals who have to submit multiple urine samples on a single day or for those who need to deposit urine in the toilet at the testing unit. Basically, it is a premixed urine sample specially formulated to protect your privacy during a drug examination. Another characteristic feature of this product is that it is unisex.

To ensure you pass a urinalysis, the Synthetic Urine kit contains all the essential ingredients found in real human urine and maintains a perfect balance between acidity, creatinine, specific gravity urea and other urine traits. The kit comes with a heating pad and an attached temperature strip so that users can bring it to the perfect temperature range between 90 – 100F prior to usage.


Synthetic Urine Kit Instructions:


  1. Shake the bottle and put the synthetic urine into the microwave to heat for 10 seconds.
  2. Next, shake the heating pad and attach it to the bottle with the rubber band. Store urine as desired. The temperature strip on your bottle should read 90-100 degrees, which is the desired temperature.
  3. Your Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine is now ready for use!

Note: If you do not have access to a microwave, keep the heating pad on the bottle for approximately 45-60 minutes to reach the 90-100 degree temperature range.


Ultra Pure Unisex Synthetic Urine Sample

Synthetic Urine Sample Is exactly the same as our 2oz and 4oz kit. This product can be purchase to refill your 2oz synthetic urine kit to save you money if you get tested more than once.
(enclosed is 2oz of urine only in round bottle it does not come with heat pad or temperature strip)

Ultra Pure works!

synthetic urine for drug test

Get up to 5-times the money back, if you don’t pass the drug test.








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  1. Adam

    I tried other brands and it was unpredictable, with Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine it’s been worry-free every time.

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