Pass Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Hair leaves the best trail or track, but hair drug tests will only go back as long as your hair is. hair grows at about 1/64 inch per day or half inch per month. a standard test is only to detect toxing used within a 90 day window. So if you have two inches of hair growth you will have approximately a 128 day history. You can not test what is not there. You can only go back 6 to 8 months if your hair is that long. NOW. Many companies say they will CLEAN your hair. WRONG!!

Detox for Hair Follicle Drug Testing

For a simple example, consider hair to be like a plant. If that plant is grown in a toxic environment it will grow with these toxins as part of its molecular structure and makeup. You CAN NOT change what it is made of and you CAN NOT remove or clean a portion of this molecular structure which would be the toxins it is made of. YOU CAN ONLY SOAK AND COVER. Some companies also say they can clean your hair forever to Pass Hair Follicle Drug Testing, WRONG. Your skin, which is actually your fatty tissue, is where most toxins are stored.

When your body gives off skin oil or sweat your are releasing toxins that will touch and be absorbed back into your hair. Now you are toxic again. Also you must be very careful after covering toxins that stay in your hair that you do not contaminate your hair before the test. DO NOT use a comb, brush or towel that has not been thoroughly cleaned with hot water, soap and bleach your hair with a peroxide treatment. Especially if it is THC or nicotine as they are oil based toxins. Also do not apply any hair gels or hair spray and do not blow dry. This will weaken the treatment. Pass Hair Follicle Drug Testing, alcohol hair drug test, beat hair drug test, hair follicle detox products, drug testing information.
How to Pass Hair Follicle Drug Test

Recommended Hair Detox Products

Pass Hair Follicle Test with Ease

Whether you are new to the hair drug test removal process or not, it is important to make sure you understand the basics of testing hair for drugs and what products to use to help you pass your upcoming hair test.

Basics of Hair Testing

Hair follicle drug testing is when samples of your hair are soaked in chemicals to remove anything that may mask whatever drug toxins are present on your hair. Be aware that both the inner and outer layers of the hair follicles are tested. This is why many products will not help you pass your test. Many of the products available only work to clean certain drugs from hair at lighter usage amounts. Also, they don’t reach the inner layers enough to completely remove drugs from hair.

Use the Correct Products

What do you need to help pass hair follicle drug test situations? You need hair cleansing shampoos that remove ALL drug residues from your hair, regardless of how much of the drugs you used or the kinds of drugs you used. To achieve this, you should use quality products like the original Nexxuss Aloe Rid® Shampoo or the Macujo aloe Rid and Ultra Clean Shampoo. These shampoos are carefully formulated to work on any kind of drug and even work for heavy users. Because of the high effectiveness rate, these shampoos are the best at hair drug toxin removal. Additionally, you can use an at-home hair testing kits before your test to help you see what drugs are showing up in your hair.

Drug Hair Test FAQ

How many times do I need to shampoo my hair to get it clean?

Although you can be on your way to pass a hair follicle drug test in 24 hours, the amount of times you will need to shampoo your hair depends on the amount and type of your drug use.



Make Sure You Don’t Cross Contaminate With Tainted Items Like A Comb Or Towel That Might Contain Drug Impurities Before Going For Your Test