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Category: Blog Marijuana Drug Testing

How to Pass Marijuana Drug Test

How to Pass Cannabis Drug Test

Common Drug Name: Marijuana Various Street Names: Cannabis, Weed, Ganja, Herb, Mary Jane, Green Active Chemical: Their are two active chemicals in marijuana that are responsible for its effects, THC and Cannabidiol, respectively. THC is the primary chemical component of most marijuana and is responsible for producing the high and feeling of being “stoned” that …

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How to Pass Nicotine Drug Test

How to Pass Nicotine Drug Test

EVERYTHING ABOUT NICOTINE DRUG TESTING METHODS Although nicotine is not classified as an illicit drug, a new study suggests that nicotine use often encourage the users to abuse illicit drugs. Scientists have discovered that nicotine makes the human brain more susceptible to addiction of drugs like marijuana and cocaine. A recent survey has revealed that …

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