How to Pass Synthetic Cannabinoids Drug Test

How to Pass Synthetic Cannabinoids Drug Test

What are Synthetic Cannabinoids?

Synthetic Cannabinoids are in the same class of chemicals as the more well known chemical THC, the main active chemical in Marijuana. They work by trying to replicate the desired effect that a person receives when they ingest THC. To do this, they must attach to the exact same area within the brain, the Cannabinoid receptors. THC is only a partial agonist, which simply means it attaches to these receptors in a less forceful fashion. While there are many synthetic cannabinoids that fit this profile of partial antagonism, most fit into the area of being full agonists. This means that they attach in a more complete way and also can have a much stronger effect, from ten to one hundred times than that of THC.

How Did Synthetic Cannabinoids Come About?

About 25 years ago professor at the University of Clemson began studying cannabinoids. Then in 1995 he created the first documented synthetic cannabinoid, JWH-018, which was named by the initials of its discovering pioneer. After being tested in the lab, JWH-018 was essentially thrown to the side and forgot about for some time. That is until a few years later it made a comeback in the form of synthetic Marijuana…

K2, Spice, And Potpourri

In the early 2,000’s a new product began to emerge on the scene. Originally thought to be just a blend of various herbs that produced a high similar to marijuana, it was discovered that they actually contained the chemical JWH-018 and other various cannabinoids. Places were taking dried herbs, dissolving a chemical in sometimes flammable solvents such as alcohol or even acetone, and then spraying it on the herbal base. The original brand of these products were K2 and Spice, and alarmingly enough were being sold largely at headshops and convenient stores. As the original cannabinoids slowly came into the spotlight crafty chemists began to slightly change their chemical make up to avoid doing anything clearly illegal. This created an emergence of a plehtora of other chemicals which in turn added to the attention of synthetic cannabis.

The Emergence of The Unknown…

With JWH-018, JWH-250, and many other cannabinoids now illegal it is becoming increasingly difficult to truly know what may be in any of the synthetic marijuana brands. Not to mention all of the companies creating forgeries of the more popular brands it has become not only a dance with death but also in other areas. Originally, the appeal of these chemicals was that they were not capable of being tested for in a drug test. However, just as the chemists have made advances in adverting the law the law has also made several advances in their drug testing procedures. Now, any blend containing JWH-018, JWH-250, or any chemical that breaks down into either one as they metabolize in your body ARE CAPABLE OF BEING TESTED FOR. This is not to mention the advances that they are making on those cannabinoids that do not break down into either one. Rest assured, eventually each and everyone of them will have a drug test available to detect them in your system, whether it be hair, blood, urine, or saliva, the day will come…

The Solution

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